Caught on Camera with Nick Cannon

From extreme rescues to epic fails… white-knuckle car chases to merry pranksters…colossal crashes to viral sensations, the most jaw-dropping videos ever Caught on Camera are rounded up in this high-octane series.

Nick Cannon, the energetic and always entertaining star of America’s Got Talent will host the show and take viewers along for the ride of their lives.

More real than any reality program, Caught on Camera with Nick Cannon features those incredible “you have to see it to believe it” moments – all captured by the unblinking eyes of cell phones, dash cams, security cameras, news crews and camcorders around the world.

Every video has a compelling story…and Caught on Camera with Nick Cannon is storytelling at its best, providing a first person account of what’s happening on screen from those who lived it, recorded it and saw it happen, as told in their own words.

Air Dates

Series Premiere on December 19, 2014 at 8PM

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