Dead of Night

Are you afraid of the dark? Maybe you should be. Life can be very dangerous after the sun goes down. In fact, police will tell you that the risk of violent crime increases under cover of darkness.

DEAD OF NIGHT gives viewers a window into this frightening nighttime world, telling stories in which darkness is the enemy of life itself. The series recounts the tragic stories of murder victims through penetrating interviews with their friends and family, as well as the men and women of law enforcement who seek to bring the killers to justice. Each episode begins with the shocking aftermath of a night-time murder, and then flashes forward to an inside look at a working crime scene. Experience first-hand the intricacies of a homicide investigation, told by the detectives, forensic experts, and the prosecutors charged with solving a brutal crime. And get to know the murder victim through the intimate thoughts, recollections, and sorrow of their friends and family.

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