Unraveled is a six-part series on Investigation Discovery that takes a penetrating look at the psychological forces that drive a person to commit homicide. What makes someone come apart at the seams? What compels them to decide that taking a life is something they must do?  In some cases, the offender has been struggling with issues that took root when they were a child. In others, it’s the inability to cope with pressures that have arisen when they were adults. In either scenario, the perpetrator takes a tortuous journey that ends in a stunning act of violence. Interviews with people familiar with the offender as well as those who knew the victim offer insight into the troubling relationship between the two. Law enforcement and psychiatrists also provide riveting context. And gripping recreations bring to life the offender’s complex backstory, the homicide scene and the aftermath as those affected by the crime try to make sense of it all.

Air Dates

Season Premiere on January 7, 2015 at 9PM

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